FULL 2024 SCHEDULE NOW LIVE! Winter schedule - 1.5 hour Grey Seal cruises available every day, weather permitting. Book online or ring us on 01665 720308.


Experience The Magic Of Seal Tours With Us – 19th February 2024

Embark On An Adventure With Our Puffin Spotting Tours – 5th February 2024

Discover The Wonders Of Farne Island Seals – 22nd January 2024

Your Puffin Spotting Adventure Awaits! – 8th January 2024

Embark On An Adventure With Our Seal Boat Trips – 25th December 2023

Embark On An Unforgettable Grey Seal Cruise – 11th December 2023

Explore the Magical Farne Islands with Us – 27th November 2023

Embark On An Unforgettable Grey Seal Cruise With Us – 13th November 2023

Join Our 1.5-Hour Grey Seal Cruise With Seabirds – 30th October 2023

Farne Island Visit – 16th October 2023

Explore Holy Island With Billy Shiel Farne Island Boats – 2nd October 2023

Grey Seal Tours UK – 18th September 2023

Farne Island Boat Tours – 4th September 2023

Grey Seal Cruise – 21st August 2023

Boat Trip To Farne Islands – 7th August 2023

Puffin Spotting Experience Tours – 24th July 2023

Seal Boat Trips – 10th July 2023

Wildlife Boat Tour – 26th June 2023

Seal Tours – 12th June 2023

Puffin Spotting Tours – 29th May 2023

Puffin Boat Trips – 15th May 2023

Embark On Puffin Spotting Tours – 1st May 2023

Holy Island Boat Trips – 17th April 2023

Seal Trip – 3rd April 2023

Puffin Spotting Tours – 20th March 2023

Can You Visit The Farne Islands In Winter? – 6th March 2023

Our Tips For Choosing The Right Boat Tour To The Farne Islands – 20th February 2023

What To Expect On A Boat Trip To The Farne Islands – 6th February 2023

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