1. The duration of our trips is approximate only and depends on a number of factors including weather and sea conditions.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel any of our trips if we deem the weather and sea conditions unsuitable for sailing.
  3. An automatic reply from our booking system does not constitute a booking. Booking requests are confirmed by a personal email. If you do not receive a personal confirmation for your trip please telephone us on 01665 720308/720316.
  4. Payment is due on collection of your tickets from our booking office on the day of sailing. If, for any reason, the trip is cancelled we will refund your ticket.
  5. Reservations are held at the booking office until 15 minutes prior to your departure time. If tickets are not collected before this time we are free to sell your tickets.
  6. Please act responsibly on our vessels and follow our safety procedures. Children must not be allowed to climb on the sides of the boat and must be under parental/guardian supervision at all times.
  7. Any belongings brought onto our trips are the responsibility of the owner and we can not be held accountable for breakages or lost/stolen items.
  8. Safe access is provided for the embarkation and disembarkation on our trips but we can not be held accountable for any actions where due caution and restraint has not been undertaken.