Dive Charters

Dive charters operate all year round, weather permitting.   Full diving qualifications and experience required to dive the Farne Islands.

Contact William direct to discuss and book dive charters. William Shiel 07799666573.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit the Farne Islands, you will already be aware that in the height of the breeding season, it is home to a deafening plethora of nesting seabirds such as terns, puffins, guillemots, shags, eider ducks and kittiwakes. You may also have seen grey seals lounging on the rocks at low tide, but follow them as they dive underwater and a whole other world opens up to you.

Diving in and around the Farne Islands is a real feast for the senses. Numerous wrecks litter the seabed, and inquisitive grey seals come and say hello. Whether you prefer a shallow dive or are prepared to delve that little bit deeper, there’s something to suit everyone out at the Farnes. The Farnes consist of 15 -20 small islands and rock outcrops lying between 2 – 3 miles off the Northumberland coast. They are split into two main groups separated by a stretch of water known as Staple Sound.

The islands are comprised primarily of a rock called whinstone, which is very prone to vertical weathering and faulting. This has produced a strange topography of steps and sheer faces above water that gives just a hint of the delights below. Most of the diving takes place at the outer Farnes.



Boats We have a fleet of 11 boats that operate out of Seahouses harbour, two of which are used for diving purposes with dive-lifts fitted for easy access from the water. Air fills are available from our own air-station, we offer a cylinder pickup and return service from the harbour leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your day.

Safety All of our boats are certified under the MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) and are fully equipped with safety equipment.

Location Seahouses is 6 miles from the A1, about 50 miles north of Newcastle and 20 miles south of Berwick upon Tweed.

Parking There are parking spaces on Seahouses harbour, which provide easy access for loading gear to and from the dive boats.

Non-Divers Non divers may wish to take a trip on one of our other boats for a cruise round the islands or to visit one of the bird sanctuaries. We are also lucky enough to have several stunning beaches in the area and you can also visit Bamburgh Castle, which is situated 3 miles from Seahouses.


Contact William direct to discuss and book dive charters. William Shiel 07799666573.