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Grey Seal Cruise

See Our Grey Seal Cruise at Billy Shiel Farne Island Boats

Step aboard for an unforgettable journey that unveils the true inhabitants of the Farnes – our magnificent Grey Seals. Throughout the year, as weather conditions permit, we offer captivating cruises that promise fresh encounters with each passing season.

From the months of May to July, you’ll be enchanted by the myriad of birds nesting on the Farne Islands, including the beloved Puffins. As winter sets in from late October to January, the spotlight shifts to the adorable seal pups, offering an incredible spectacle during the pupping season.

Our 1½-hour cruise is a scenic odyssey that encircles all the islands, affording splendid views of cliff-dwelling birds and presenting numerous vantage points to observe the Grey Seals. Throughout the voyage, you’ll be treated to an insightful commentary that enriches the experience.

The Farne Islands host a thriving community of Grey Seals, estimated to number between 3 to 4 thousand. You’ll be awestruck by the sight of these majestic creatures basking on the rocks, particularly during low tide when more of the islands are revealed. With the arrival of over a thousand seal pups every autumn, our seal colony continues to flourish.

This cruise delivers exceptional value for your investment and is designed to suit all ages, making it a splendid adventure that’s available year-round. Join us at Billy Shiel Farne Island Boats and set sail on an expedition that connects you with the captivating world of Grey Seals, ensuring lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

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